Sereniti Hall Interviewed by: NeNe Capri

NC: Tell us, who is Sereniti Hall the author?

SH: Hmm, who is Sereniti Hall? Well, Sereniti Hall is an urban fiction author who pulls her creative juices and characters from everyday life, from the people, places, and things she’s seen and encountered. Sereniti Hall is a person who strives to get better as she dives further into her career.

NC: Where did you get the inspiration to write your books?

SH: As always, my children inspire me and life itself because I needed a change of lifestyle. Something positive to bring to the table. God gave me this gift, and you know what’s said: “If you don’t use it you will lose it.” And I pay homage to all the trailblazers that have paved the way.


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