Falicia Blakely is already in prison serving life without parole for three murders that her Pimp ordered. Ike is still on a quest to keep her in bondage. Manipulation goes a long way, but when does it end. When does it stop?


“The devil made me do it,” some people proclaim when convicted of a heinous crime. In the case of nineteen-year-old Falicia Blakely, that statement couldn’t be truer. Born into a family bursting with dysfunction, the reluctant teen relocates to Atlanta, Georgia from Jacksonville, Florida, hoping to reconcile with her mother and enjoy a better life. The rebellious teen, driven by the all mighty dollar, gets caught up in a life too fast for her own good. She meets a slick-talking pimp and is instantly pressured to pursue a career as an exotic dancer. Falicia believes she has one up on the game until she encounters Ike, a hardcore hustler who shows her that she’s not about that life for real. For the love of her pimp, Falicia and an accomplice commit an atrocious evil—a triple homicide. All too late she realizes that manipulation, murder, and mayhem were all created by a savage, who still freely roams the streets of Atlanta.


When she graduated high school as valedictorian, Tanisha “Tiny” Hopkins had her whole future mapped out-but when she gets her first tastes of cocaine and heartbreak, she goes from good girl to turning tricks to get
her fix. Her best friend Freddy has his own issues…or should we say her own issues…and Tiny finds herself alone in the world, out for whatshe can get, taking life hard and fast, painting her Georgia town red, and going for the bling like it’s the only thing. With the help of Freddy (now Frenchy) she tries to kick crack, but then she meets Roscoe-the hustla of Augusta, who’s got the goods, the plan, and two steely eyes that Tiny can’t look away from. Will Roscoe drag her to destruction, or is Tiny big enough to triumph?


The best kept dirtiest secrets are vaulted by innocent children who are afraid to tell the truth. Abusers go free because some people deem it righteous to cover up their crime.

In this book you will take a powerful walk in the minds of children and adults as they journey through a life of pain, abuse, secrecy and feelings of abandonment.

The author has set out to make readers become analyzers as they explore the mindset of children who are victims of molestation. Endless Tears is written for the masses, of all genders and cultures without
discrimination. Dorothy Hall’s mission is to bring awareness to childhood abuse in hopes of minimizing this heinous crime that is rapidly stealing the innocence of perfectly happy children and leaving them with a devastating burden to bear. Let’s look for the signs and educate ourselves in every way possible, starting with the pages that lie between Endless Tears.


In this jaw-dropping family drama, three women are desperate to escape a troubled life in the hood trenches by any means necessary.

Dead set on keeping a man around, Pamela puts her lover, Fletcher on a pedestal, yet ignores the cries of her teen daughter, Komura, who is desperate for her undivided attention. What else can Pamela expect from Komura when she happily finds love and affection in the arms of a small-time hustler and goes above and beyond treachery to make sure he continuously fills her void for love?

In love with the finer things, material girl, Brandy, lucks up on some minor hood riches, but her extreme thirst for a glamorous lifestyle exceeds her means and so does her belief in her monogamous relationship.
Looking for love in all the wrong places has never been a wise choice, but these women are cursed. Will they break every chain and rise above this mighty storm, or will they be forever entangled with drugs, thugs, and the deep desires of living lavish?


When Infinity suddenly shows up offering Tanisha her forgiveness, yet asks explicit details about Tanisha s previous affair with her husband, Roscoe, Tanisha has every right to be suspicious. Despite her gut feeling, she accepts Infinity s friendship.

As the women try to bury old bones, Infinity introduces Tanisha to her three friends, Venom, Jazzy, and Armani. Once secrets, gossip and betrayal stir up between the women, most times placing Tanisha in the
middle, Tanisha finally removes the blinders and opens her eyes to the truth . . . Friendship and loyalty can sometimes mix like oil and water.

Just as Tanisha begins to feel a decent life is opening its doors to her, Infinity allows insecurity and misconception to darken her heart. Envious and vengeful, Infinity pulls the ultimate double cross, leaving
Tanisha devastated and without hope. Will Tanisha fight back and overcome these obstacles to maintain her sobriety? Or will she give up and relapse to the one thing she knows will offer her quick relief? We will soon find out!


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